Learning by Songs

This website is for students of English. You can learn English by singing popular songs. Our readers, or we can say singers, use this website because they feel that singing a song is great fun and it is also very effective. When you use this website, you can easily improve your listening and reading skills in English. We choose songs that are currently popular. We also choose songs famous songs from the past. You can also read the lyrics. It can help you understand the songs better. We recommend that you use this website if you are a student at Level 2 (1000-2000 words) or Level 3 (2000-3000) words.


Our philosophy is simple. Use English every day and you will be better every day. If you want to know more about how to learn English fast and effectively, please visit www.englishrestart.com and we will give you more information on how you can do it.

Your Level

Do you know your level? If not, this test can help you. It is fast and simple. You will read 25 words. Count for yourself how many of these words you know.

The words are: dog, understand, watch, take, together, able, amazing, survive, belt, above, polite, behave, wipe, brave, wild, liver, cage, blade, mild, reward, flame, melt, seldom, beam, grasp.

Now, multiply the number of words which you knew by 200 and you will get a number. This number shows how many words you know in English.


If you know 1000-2000 English words, you can listen to songs for Level 2.

If you know 2000 English words or more, you can listen to songs for Level 3.